Along with a variety of abrasive blasting services, Aamro offers shot peening. This is a cold working process in which small spheres of metallic, glass, or ceramic materials repeatedly impact a surface. The effect of the resultant compressive stress is to extend part life and improve fatigue resistance.

Shot peening has many uses. In addition to extending the metal fatigue life, it is used for sand removal, descaling, and surface texturing. We offer shot peening on most metals and can accommodate various part dimensions. Depending on the required specification, we can shot peen by hand or mechanical means, choosing from a variety of wheel machines and air blast cabinets. Typical shot peened parts include springs, castings, stampings, machined parts, and gears. We deal in small production lots to high volume and can certify to many industry and military standards.

For more information about our shot peening services, or our menu of specialty finishing, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Shot Peening Process

Product Description

The fillets at the root of gears are areas of high stress and should be shot peened. In this application, shot peening is used to improve the surface and can significantly prolong fatigue life. Working with our customer, print specifications and industry standards, we determine process parameters, which are then controlled through monitoring shot intensity, coverage, quality and machine controls. The process data is documented and certified for each new order.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Shot Peening


Overall Part Dimensions

Various Dimensions can be Accommodated

Part Material Type

Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Special Feature

We stock a variety of shot materials-steel shot, stainless steel shot, glass bead and ceramic bead. We have tumble wheel machines, a monorail wheel machine, air blast tumble machines, a table blaster, and can shot peen by hand.

In process testing/inspection performed

Visual Inspection

Industry for Use

Springs, Castings, Stampings, Machined Parts, Gears


Small Orders to High Volume

Delivery Location

Broadview, Illinois

Standards Met

Customer Specifications
AMS 2430, J2441, AMS-S-13165, MIL-S-13165

Product Name

Shot Peening