Since 1946, Aamro has been providing quality deburring and media blasting services to customers across the greater Chicago area. In addition to these services, we also provide a full line of deburring and blasting equipment and supplies. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge give us an edge when working with customers who want to expand their in-house finishing capabilities. We are uniquely qualified to develop processes and select equipment specific to our customer’s requirements.

We’ve helped hundreds of Chicago area companies set up custom equipment to meet their specific part and production needs. From the large blast room shown here, to an in-line air blast machine that uses specialized ceramic beads and can handle a wide variety of stainless steel component parts. Here is just a brief listing of the diverse systems we carry:

  • Manual, automated or robotic air blast systems for abrasive or glass bead finishing
  • Wheel blast equipment for steel grit blasting or steel shot peening
  • Spinner hanger cabinets
  • Rubber or steel belt tumbler cabinets
  • Blast Rooms
  • Conveyor monorail pass through blast units
  • Aqueous Parts Washers, flow through or batch
  • Vibratory and tumble deburring equipment from 1 to 120 cubic foot capacity, batch tubs or bowl type with auto unloading and rinsing features.
  • Advanced shot peening systems that meet applicable automotive and aerospace requirements.

To learn more about these advanced systems, contact us directly.

Highlights of Deburring & Blasting Equipment Sales Project

Equipment Sold

Deburring Equipment
Abrasive Blasting Equipment
Air Blast
Wheel Blast
Agitating Basket-Type Heated Washers

Tightest Tolerances

Military Intensity Specifications with Almen Strip Verification

Material Type Used

Angular Abrasive
Steel Abrasive
Glass Bead
Ceramic Bead
Plastic Media
Soda Media
Steel Shot
Stainless Steel Shot

Material Finish Achieved

Military Specifications
Shot Peening Specifications
Automotive Specifications
Customer Decorative Applications



Location Served

Chicago Area