Aamro works with a number of highly recognized car restoration companies and serious hobbyists to prepare their classic cars for painting and car parts for plating. 

For this 1938 Buick, we utilized an abrasive blasting process to remove the surface contaminants, paint, and rust down to bare metal on the frame and body. Masking was applied to specific areas for protection. Careful handling was the key to this project, as antique vehicles can easily be damaged. By using the proper materials and our developed process parameters, we established the foundation for an excellent restoration.

We can blast a variety of auto parts, and products sized up to 20′ long and weighing 4,000 pounds.

From classic American muscle cars to Bentleys and Ferraris, Aamro is committed to quality and fine craftsmanship. For more details about this vintage car project or information about our other services, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Vintage Car Abrasive Blasting Project

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Abrasive Blasting


Capable Dimensions

Product Length: Up to 30 feet
Product Width: Up to 10 feet
Weight limit: 2 tons

Additional Facts

Blasting old and vintage cars requires careful handling and expertise. The frames and bodies can be easily damaged. Good process parameters and the use of appropriate materials can insure that damage is not done.

Material Type

Steel or aluminum car body or frame, wheel rims, bumpers, fenders

Material Finish Requirements

To remove paint, rust and other surface contaminants down to base metal.

In process testing/inspection performed

Visual Inspections

Industry for Use

Automotive Restoration

Delivery Location

Broadview, Illinois

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Abrasive Blast / Glass Bead Blast